Cleveland CG4 Irons Review

No doubt, Cleveland Golf is among the well-trusted names when it comes to quality irons.

Irons are specifically designed and built to send the ball on distances between that of wedges, and of hybrids and fairway woods. This golf club category is most represented in a bag of golfers. You can use them for hitting the ball onto the green.

With the Cleveland Golf’s good reputation in decent quality products, will the CG4 line of irons take strokes off your next game? To help you decide, we prepare this unbiased Cleveland CG4 Irons review.

Cleveland CG4 Irons Overview

The Cleveland CG4 Irons offer a cavity back design. According to the manufacturer, this design will help to get the ball into the air easily. Additionally, we find them as forgiving clubs.

We noticed that these irons come with less density and more carbon compared to other popular irons. They have a deeper yet lower center of gravity. As a result, the CG4 line offers a better sweet spot. So, the iron boasts of improving every golfer’s overall performance.

Furthermore, these irons are getting the attention of many golfers because of their performance, including before the ball is being struck. In terms of design, the CG4 irons can size up your shot. Once you moved them back and forth, they can create less reflection.

When it comes to striking the ball, we give the Cleveland CG4 Irons a positive impression. As you struck the ball properly, you will experience a soft feel as if you are not even hitting the ball. We also find the irons to be forgiving.

The Look

Beginning golfers as well as mid to high handicappers looking for game improvement iron can find the Cleveland CG4 Irons as a good addition to their golf gear.

Other than a lower center of gravity and progressive off-set, the clubheads offer a high moment of inertia, and this works well to get the ball fast and high at impact. We also noticed that these irons have a cavity back design, large head with a sweet spot, and Carbon Mix Material that helps in reducing the vibration. This happens by absorbing the shock every time you hit the ball.

The Technology

The light-density, softer CMM metal used to build Cleveland CG4 Irons is the same with the one used in CG1 and CG2 irons and CG10 wedges. Interestingly, these irons have 17 times carbon compared to traditional steel.

The Cleveland CG4 Irons have patented VAS technology with a purpose of reducing any unnecessary vibration. It has less than 10% of CMM. This means that 25% of its weight is redistributed to the areas that can provide better benefits.

The Performance

Unlike other irons that you can find on the market, the Cleveland CG4 Irons do not create annoying reflections that you might get in the ground every time you waggle them at the address.

With the help of light-density CMM metal that can be found on the heads, they can absorb sunlight as well as reduce vibration through your fingers. Since the cavity back head has less weight, there is a wider sole together with an improved sweet spot. So, you can expect more forgiveness. These things help beginners experience great confidence and feel.

Furthermore, these irons come with four demonstration clubs together with steel shafts. For sure, you will get interested in their chunky top line.


  • Larger sweet spot and wider sole
  • Better-quality feel as well as distance
  • Great elevation
  • Great speed on impact
  • High inertia
  • Game improvement irons especially for newbie players and mid-high handicappers
  • Made with light-density CMM metal
  • 17 times more carbon
  • Have patented VAS technology
  • Less unwanted vibration
  • Weight saved is redistributed to areas that offer better benefits
  • No annoying reflection
  • Relatively easy to shoot
  • Best distance all-around irons


  • The CMM fails to absorb vibration in terms of misaligned shots


In the same way as other golf gear, you need to ensure that you are choosing the one that can improve your overall game. The Cleveland CG4 Irons are great looking clubs with efficiency and impressive performance. If you are planning to purchase irons that can improve your game, cut down distractions and gain more confidence, then these irons can meet all your gaming needs.